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Ari engel has been a professional poker player for over 10 years. In 2003, while studying finance at New York University, he was fortunate enough to room with a future bracelet winner, Andrew Brown- who taught him some beginning advanced strategy and served as a poker mentor to Ari. After graduating and working for less than 2 months at a startup software firm- Ari heard about a new poker site ‘bodog’. During 2004/05, Ari did very well at the cash game tables and was invited to represent Bodog at the 2005 WSOP. Although he busted on Day 1- that tourney began his conversion from a cash player to a tournament player. Although he only played tournaments for the 2nd half of 2005, Ari proceeded to win Bodog’s tournament leader board in 2005. In November ’05, Ari signed up for a pokerstars account and the screen name ‘bodogari’ was born. In September ’06- (an online tournament poker rankings site) ranked Ari as the number online tournament player in the world. Over the following years, Ari began teaching his tournament ideas to a limited number of people- almost all of them became successful tournament players. Over the years- Ari had coached over 300 students, with many of them converting from marginal winners to big winners, others from break even to winners. Even for the students he hasn’t been able to make winners- he’s been able to help them mitigate their losses and experience some level of poker success. When Black Friday hit- Ari switched his primary vocation from an online poker player to a primarily live one (and cut back on time spent coaching). In 2013, he set a world record with 43 cashes in $300+ buyin tournaments in one calendar year. In late 2014, Ari set a personal record by having 2 100k+ scores within a month in Dominican Republic and the Czech Republic. According to, Ari has over $5 million in gross tournament earnings.